Newry company STATSports is giving Ronaldo, Messi et al the edge

    Arsenal are just one of many top sporting clubs across the world to "Cech out" a Newry firm's tracking technology 

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have changed the way we think about football, redefining the game and reaching heights never thought possible. As well as being exceptionally gifted, elite athletes such as the La Liga stars seek to maximise not only their own potential, but innovative technology to give them the edge over their competitors. 

    That’s where Newry firm STATSports come in. 

    Founded in 2008, STATSports have emerged as the world’s leading provider of GPS player tracking and analysis solutions, linking up with some of the biggest sports franchises on the globe by providing leading performance monitoring devices.

    These are worn by athletes during practice games and matches to collect intricate data on their performance and physical wellbeing.

    Among STATSports’ illustrious group of clients are leading clubs in the Premier League, La Liga, the NFL and NBA.

    But just like the athletes they support, STATSports are constantly pushing the boundaries to reach the next level. Here they outline their vision, and how you can be part of a winning team.


    What do you do?

    STATSports, founded in 2008, is the world’s leading provider of GPS player tracking and analysis solutions for some of the biggest sports franchises in the world by providing world leading performance monitoring devices for elite sports teams. These are worn by athletes during practice games and matches to collect intricate data on their performance and physical wellbeing.

    STATSports are a technology company who have developed a unique and bespoke performing solution that combines hardware and software to produce unique metrics to monitor elite athlete’s performance. Our award-winning monitoring units, worn between the shoulder blades, measures every step and every movement taken by each athlete. This data, which equates to approximately 13 million data points over an average professional soccer practice session is seamlessly ingested into our software platform to produce quick and easy to read reports that monitor distance, speed, acceleration, fatigue, GAIT, step balance, impacts and many other critical physiological movements necessary to perform at an elite level. 

    What type of roles do you have available?

    STATSports currently employs fifty staff in Northern Ireland. We are looking to expand positions in our R&D and Finance departments particularly as we are going through a significant period of growth in the business. 

    We have a strong focus on building long careers with STATSports in Northern Ireland with the majority of our staff being under the age of thirty. We plan to expand our workforce particularly as we look to enter other markets and industries, namely the consumer wearable industry, gaming, broadcasting and health and well-being.

    Why should a jobseeker apply for a job with your company?  

    STATSports’ ability to consistently innovate and push industry boundaries has seen the company amass over 400 world renowned sports teams as clients since 2008. STATSports adapt and respond to sports and technology market needs to incorporate the latest technological advancements into our latest products and have an enviable management team built up of senior figures from within the elite sports industry.

    By joining the STATSports team you will be part of a young, skilled, dynamic workforce with practical experience in dealing with the world’s biggest sports athletes and organisations including teams in the English Premier League, La Liga, the NFL, NBA and other professional sporting leagues. 

    STATSports plans to expand its presence in Northern Ireland to be able to cope with the demands of their global client list to better serve elite athletes and professional sports teams. We are constantly innovating and our aim is to expand into many other industries over the coming months and years including:

    Broadcast, print media and consumer wearable and health and well-being industries. 

    Being part of the STATSports team will enhance your professional development as an individual as well as being part of a motivated, hardworking team. At STATSports we believe in performance, authenticity, innovation and sustainability. These core values are transmitted right the way through our workforce to our end consumer. Being in such a dynamic industry, joining STATSports will pose numerous career progression opportunities. 

    What application advice would you give jobseekers? 

    STATSports operates in a very niche industry. Be sure to understand industry trends and who our competitors are. If successful, at the interview stage, be confident and work on your strengths.


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