AEN Specialist Teacher in ASD & Nurture with Science

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 Job Description

Excellent opportunity for AEN Specialist Teacher in ASD & Nurture with Science based in Belfast.

Post: AEN Specialist Teacher in ASD & Nurture with Science

Reporting to: Assistant Principal: Additional Educational Needs

Hours: Full Time Maternity Cover

Salary: MPS

Post Available: 7th October 2019 to 8th June 2020



  • The ASD Teacher will work with students with a diagnosis of ASD or ASD traits. 
  • They will have a clear understanding of effective teaching and how to raise and sustain achievement of ASD Students in a mainstream school.
  • They will assess the individual needs of pupils with ASD within the classroom environment and use up-to-date specialist knowledge and best practice to advise on specific teaching and learning strategies, curriculum modifications and Pastoral support strategies.
  • To advise on inclusive practices in relation to the Code of Practice.
  • Assist with Annual reviews.
  • Create, monitor and review Education Plans.
  • Using the most recent academic research they will devise and deliver state of the art support programmes to address emotional wellbeing of ASD Students.
  • They will ensure that communication and social development experiences are provided during break and lunch and through workshops.
  • To deliver a CPD programme with a focus on working with and supporting ASD Students.
  • To work within a multi-agency framework to plan for all Key Stage transitions of ASD students.
  • To Assist with ASD Annual Reviews


  • In conjunction with the AP: AEN lead the development of the Nurture Room in accordance with nurture group principles, to ensure that barriers to learning are identified and reduced, and to support students achieve their full potential.
  • In conjunction with the AP: AEN and Pastoral Team use base line data to identify a target group of students who are vulnerable and/or experience a range of complex needs.
  • To provide support for identified students through a carefully structured timetable that creates a positive learning environment and balances learning and structure within a caring home-like atmosphere.
  • To identify challenges, plan, resource, deliver, monitor and review engaging and motivating programmes and experiences to support identified students developmentally, ensuring students are ready to learn.
  • Set and review individual student targets.
  • Support students on a 1:1, group or intervention capacity to promote and develop: positive behaviour and attitudes to learning, communication and social skills, self-esteem and self-worth, emotional intelligence, self-regulation and resilience, Positive Mental Health
  • Regularly review progress and monitoring the integration of the nurture group into mainstream classrooms.
  • Foster positive links between home and school to promote and ensure sustainable parental engagement.


Planning, Teaching and Classroom Management

Teach allocated students by planning their teaching to achieve progression of learning through:

  • identifying clear teaching objectives and specifying how they will be taught and assessed;
  • setting tasks which challenge students and ensure high levels of interest;
  • setting appropriate and demanding expectations;
  • setting clear targets, building on prior attainment;
  • be aware of and make provision for students who are AEN/SEN/EAL, very able, LAC or who have other particular individual needs;
  • providing clear structures for lessons maintaining pace, motivation and challenge;
  • making effective use of assessment and ensure coverage of programmes of study;
  • ensuring effective teaching and best use of available time;
  • maintaining discipline in accordance with the school’s procedures and encouraging good practice with regard to punctuality, behaviour, standards of work and homework;
  • using a variety of teaching methods to: match approach to content, structure information, present a set of key ideas and use appropriate vocabulary, use effective questioning, listen carefully to students, give attention to errors and misconceptions.

Select appropriate learning resources and develop study skills through library, ICT and other sources:

  • ensuring students acquire and consolidate knowledge, skills and understanding appropriate to the subject taught
  • evaluating own teaching critically to improve effectiveness;
  • ensuring the effective and efficient deployment of classroom support;
  • liaise with the Head of Department to ensure the implementation of department policy and best policy.


  • assess how well learning objectives have been achieved and use them to improve specific aspects of teaching;
  • mark and monitor students’ work and set targets for progress;
  • assess and record students’ progress systematically and keep records to check work is understood and completed, monitor strengths and weaknesses, inform planning and recognise the level at which the student is achieving;
  • undertake assessment of students as requested by examination bodies, departmental and school procedures; school procedures;
  • prepare and present informative reports to parents;
  • undertake assessment of students and participate in the school’s system reporting to parents.


Pastoral Duties

  • promote the general progress and well-being of individual students and of the Form Tutor
  • Group as a whole;
  • liaise with the Pastoral Leader to ensure the implementation of the school’s pastoral system;
  • register students, accompany them to assemblies, encourage their full attendance at all lessons and their participation in other aspects of school life;
  • contribute to the preparation of Action Plans and progress files and other reports;
  • alert appropriate staff to problems experienced by students and make recommendations as to how these may be resolved;
  • communicate, as appropriate, with parents of students and persons or bodies outside the school concerned with the welfare of individual students, after consultation with appropriate staff;
  • contribute to PSD and Careers programmes according to school policy.

Other Professional Requirements

  • have a working knowledge of teachers’ professional duties and legal liabilities;
  • operate at all times within the stated policies and practices of the school;
  • know subject(s) or specialism(s) to enable effective teaching;
  • take account of wider curriculum developments;
  • establish effective working relationships and set a good example through their presentation and personal and professional conduct;
  • endeavour to give every child the opportunity to reach their potential and meet high expectations;
  • co-operate with other staff to ensure a sharing and effective usage of resources to the benefit of the school, department and students;
  • contribute to the corporate life of the school through effective participation in meetings and management systems necessary to coordinate the management of the school;
  • take part in marketing and liaison activities such as Open Evenings, Parents Evenings and events with partner schools in the North Belfast Area Learning Community;
  • take responsibility for own professional development and duties in relation to school policies and practices;
  • liaise effectively with parents and governors;
  • use a variety of sources of evidence to evaluate the impact of teaching and learning in the classroom;
  • use a variety of sources of evidence to evaluate the impact of your pastoral role;
  • actively contribute to the extra-curricular programme.

Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities of the post, each individual task undertaken may not be identified.

Employees will be expected to comply with any reasonable request from a manager to undertake work of a similar level that is not specified in this job description.

It is understood that areas of responsibility are from time to time subject to review and are negotiable in the light of the needs of the school and the professional development of the staff.

This job description may be reviewed at the end of the academic year or earlier if necessary. In addition, it may be amended at any time after consultation with you.


In Hazelwood Integrated College we recognise that some students require additional support and we aim to create an inclusive learning environment where every student can succeed academically.  In Hazelwood, as well as a personalised curriculum and support from the classroom teacher, students can receive curriculum support from Specialist Teachers, Learning Mentors, Teaching Assistants and our English as a Second Language Teachers.

The AEN department provides specialist tuition for students with additional educational needs through individual and small group programmes of study which matches the student’s particular needs providing, for example, transition, Literacy and Numeracy support and/or Social, Emotional, Sensory interventions.

In partnership with students, their parents and outside agencies the College ensures that our AEN students make excellent academic progress and achieve the best academic outcome.

The Department staff consists of Specialist SEN Teachers, Learning Mentors, Classroom Assistants (Subject CA’s, Core CA’s and Nurture CA) and EAL Teachers managed by the Additional Educational Needs Assistant Principal.

This job may be altered from time to time in line with the developing needs of the College.

Criteria for this post may be enhanced to facilitate shortlisting

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Closing date: 17th September 2019