Technical Manager

Location UK / Newry

Job Type Permanent full-time

Salary Not disclosed

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 Job Description

Excellent opportunity for a Technical Manager based in Newry

1. Job Title: Technical Manager

2. Reports to: Chief Executive Officer

3. Job Objective (Purpose):

As the Around Noon Ltd Technical Manager, you will manage the company’s quality standards/programmes to ensure that products are fit for purpose and meet both external and internal requirements, including legal compliance and customer expectations This is achieved by:

  • Have an understanding of the whole supply chain so you can co-ordinate it effectively and liaise with suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, retailers and consumers.
  • Optimise resources to achieve targets set
  • Monitoring the quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods, identifying process improvements within the operation
  • Liaising with other departments to ensure that service levels of high standard and issues are addressed ahead of time
  • High standards of personal hygiene
  • Knowledge of food safety
  • Understanding and implementing health and safety regulations

4.Key Responsibilities / Accountabilities (Job Duties and Tasks)


1.In conjunction with the management team, contribute to the formulation of the short, medium and long term business strategies for the company and create the company’s technical quality operating plans, establishing targets and metrics that allow for meaningful audit

2.Manage the day to day operation of the quality department, including testing, documentation, product release, auditing and HACCP

3.Monitor the company’s Catering Management Software system to ensure product costs and portion control, specifications and ranges are appropriately managed and analyse the results to ensure efficiencies and profit margins are maintained

4.Monitor the performance of the quality management system and ensure that data and reports are produced to verify performance and measurement against set indicators

5.Ensure daily start up testing is carried out for the line

6.Ensure continuous monitoring for traceability throughout the production process

7.Ensure that quality control checks are carried out to demonstrate compliance of finished goods to product specifications and customer requirements

8.Manage the performance of daily routine checks (e.g. temperature of warehouse, monitor storage area environmental conditions) in order to ensure compliance with SALSA and BRC requirements

9.Ensure training of production staff on testing to be carried out including accept/reject criteria and general quality issues

10.Ensure all production staff receive induction and basic quality related food hygiene training and that training is recorded on their personnel files

11.Ensure that relevant samples are collected for testing, ensure proper retention of lab samples for shelf life analysis and ensure retesting for out of spec samples

12.Ensure accurate records of work undertaken are maintained and that all test results are recorded in relevant files

13.Develop and maintain factory HACCP and manage statutory hygiene, health and safety requirements within the production area, ensuring policy and procedures are updated and staff are trained in safe working practices

14.Ensure customers are provided with product samples for their feedback/approval in relation to NPD testing and create relevant spec sheets

15.Prepare for audits from external bodies and/or customers and host customer and regulatory audits

16.Manage the implementation and maintenance of the BRC quality standard.

17.Ensure all quality paperwork and manuals including the Quality Manual, Document and Data Control Manual, Supplier Approval Manual and Cleaning Manual, are maintained and updated as required

18.Ensure weekly checks on well housing, Glass and Perspex audits and routine EHO sampling are performed

19.Liaise with external laboratories regarding test results as required

20.Ensure completion of external calibration on laboratory equipment and ensure equipment maintenance schedules are adhered to

21.Specify quality requirements of raw materials with suppliers and conduct supplier audits on site as required

22.Ensure the product recall system is tested on a regular basis

23.Set customer service standards/customer charters, deal with any customer complaints/queries and ensure all issues are resolved to the satisfaction of the customer

24.Provide input on and advise on legal requirements for labelling, etc and research any changes in government legislation and quality standards

25.Review, revise and write technical policies, procedures and standards for the company and remain current regarding changed or new legislation relevant to the food industry

26.Manage external relationships with universities, laboratories or other organisations for the purpose of acquiring new knowledge or access to technology in order to improve the company’s product range

People Management

1.Provide direction to the Quality team through effective communication of company information and involvement in recruitment, training, performance management and conflict resolution activity, in conjunction with the General Manager

2.Hold regular performance reviews and set objectives for the Quality team

3.Conduct employee training

4.Engage with staff to ensure the current policies and procedures of the business are fully understood and implemented

5.Develop a good work ethic among the staff, encouraging mutual trust, respect, and cooperation

6.Participate in settlement of grievances

7.Respond to customer/supplier queries quickly and effectively


1.Analyse data or information identifying the underlying principles, reasons, or facts by breaking down information or data into separate parts

2.Organise, plan and prioritise work developing specific goals and plans to accomplish work

3.Record, store, or maintain information in written or electronic form

4.Administration of quality staff holidays / sickness / absence/ discipline and grievance

Health and Safety

1.Comply with all health and safety requirements, following company policies and procedures

2.Wear all required protective clothing, such as overalls, gloves, shoe covers, headgear, etc., in designated areas

3.Be constantly aware of any possible hazards and report these immediately

4.When using machinery, follow all safety rules and company policies and procedures regarding machine usage. Never compromise the safe usage of the machinery by removing safety guards etc., from the machines.

5.Promote safe work activities by conducting safety audits, attending company safety meetings, and meeting with individual staff members.


This is an extremely fast paced position within the company and you will interact with most company departments. Work hours are irregular and will be influenced by problems needing instant action. At times you will be working in a temperature controlled environment.

The following are expected from you:

1.Analysing logistical problems and producing new solutions

2.Keep up-to-date technically and apply new knowledge to your job

3.Participate in team projects

4.Be polite to all fellow employees

5.Eating and drinking in designated areas only

6.No jewellery to be worn with the exception of a plain wedding band

7.No phones or personal belongings are to be taken into or left in the dispatch or production areas

8.Maintain acceptable personal hygiene standards at all times

9.Uphold the Around Noon Beliefs and Guiding Principles

The above duties are the minimum required, other duties may be added at any time.

The job description may need to be reviewed in the light of any new developments as the role progresses.

It should not be regarded as restrictive or definitive, but acts as a broad guide to the demands of the post

5.Personal Specification

1.Have a 3rd level education in a Quality Management related discipline

2.Good knowledge of the principles of quality management

3.Experience with BRC quality and safety accreditation or similar quality standard/accreditation

4.Strong analytical, problem solving and decision making abilities

5.Proven mathematical aptitude

6.Good planning, organisational and time management skills

7.Ability to successfully motivate others to achieve challenging targets

8.Ability to achieve results while working independently and on own initiative

9.Proficient in the use of word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software, e-mail and the internet

10.Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, including effective

11.Reasonably good health and not possess any conditions that may prevent them from working with food safely.

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