Cyber Security Administrator

Location UK / Ulster

Job Type Temporary full-time

Salary £15000 - 25000

Updated 3 days ago

Reference 1421085

 Job Description

The post holder will be responsible for the implementation and administration of security systems, developing, maintaining and monitoring the security solutions used by the college. The post reports to the Information Security Officer.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Security Management

1.         To configure and manage both internal and cloud based SWC security solutions. Examples of these are, cloud based security systems, Office 365, Azure, perimeter firewalls, end point protection, SIEM etc.

2.         To monitor both internal and cloud based SWC security solutions for indicators of compromise or breach. Monitor network traffic for unusual activity and proactively apply solutions to resolve issues.  Examples of these are cloud based security systems, Office 365, Azure, perimeter firewalls, end point protection, SIEM etc.

3.         As a key member of the Technical Services incident response team work to identify and resolve security incidents.

4.         To assist with or coordinate and manage Security Audits, Base Line Security and Vulnerability scans of SWC network infrastructure. Analyse and report on findings and assist with the resolution of findings.

5.         To create security requirements definitions, security risk assessments, systems analysis and systems design based on the security requirements for SWC networks.

6.         To co-ordinate and plan security based work activities in conjunction with SWC Staff in relation to installation or updating of College security services to ensure an efficient and effective service delivery and minimize impact to all staff and students.

7.         Research and evaluate emerging cyber security threats and possible solutions to mitigate such threats.

8.         Keep abreast of the latest trends in security and technology developments and work with external partners / vendors to asses and advise on new security solutions.

9.         To liaise with external College contacts/stakeholders and internal support/ lecturing staff, developing and maintaining relations as appropriate and attend meetings where relevant.

10.      To assist in the development of security training and train SWC employees in security awareness, procedures and provide advice where required.

11.      To maintain security of external/internal connectivity between sites and to other networks as appropriate.


Organisation and Development

12.      To research and implement security tools which will integrate with existing security solutions within the college whilst monitoring and maintaining IT security.

13.      To develop and monitor network security through a range of security management tools whilst ensuring that all aspects of network operations adhere to relevant legislation.

14.      To assist in the development of the College network across campuses by integrating new security technologies within the existing and/or emerging network infrastructure.

15.      To liaise with suppliers about support issues in relation to the College security systems whilst ensuring the efficient and effective operation of the network.

16.      To interface with external entities including law enforcement, intelligence and other government bodies and agencies as requested.

17.      To assist with review and evaluation of sections operational plan.

18.      To devise a range of standardised IT reports to assist managers in decision making and to write customised reports for managers in response to identified needs.

19.      To assist in developing and implementing new and existing security policies and procedures and to ensure the effective security operation of Technical Services on a cross campus basis.

20.      To maintain continued professional development in cloud, network and computer security using training tools provided by SWC thus ensuring a high level of training and awareness.